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Today we visited the ThuisPoli in The Hague. The ThuisPoli is an independent, non-religious healthcare organization in The Hague that was founded in 2014. It is situated in the Moerwijk neighborhood, the second poorest area in the Netherlands and the unhealthiest by far. Something needed to be done!

We interviewed Priscilla de Roos who works as a supervisor at the ThuisPoli. Here's the report.

Student practicing medical treatment on a fellow student

The ThuisPoli offers free medical care to anybody who needs it. People for instance do not need to be covered under a health insurance nor do they need to have a residency permit. Next to that the ThuisPoli also offers free preventive care and health checks at local food banks and other places.

The ThuisPoli is able to provide all these services by teaming up with a healthcare educational institute. The care is actually provided by interns under the supervision of professionals. There is a downside: students are required to pay for their internship. However supervisor Priscilla de Roos explains:

We need to break a vicious circle of poverty at some point. These kids are not able to finish their education without an internship. There are not enough intern positions available, while there are more than enough potential patients. Without an education, they will not find a job and end up on the fringes of society. There are generous payment plans in place and there is a job guarantee for all of them once they finish their education. They will have no problems paying their small debts to us." je za, sa i od ljudi.

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