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Egberts Lent

Screen shot 2019 03 10 at 23.05.26
Arie Mulder

Egbert's Lent, a farm close by to Groningen in the north of the Nederlands. Early december 2018, Arie Mulder and Henry Alles organised a flea market, to sustain arts and spread ideas within the village. The farm holds as well a residency for artists, specially for treater makers.

We have been invited to talk to the commoners and to try to experiment with the languages of the "grand Jeu" with them in a afternoon of play after the main concert event.

I realised some interviews, the first with Arie, our host. Enjoy.

(interview is in Dutch, subtitles for 150cc anyone volunteers?

Click this link to add your subtitles: http://www.youtube.com/timedtext_video?v=3w7pI8LpTtM&ref=share)

Video interview by F.B.

Edited by Tarek

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maart 11, 2019 at 01:39

;-) sorry do not speak Dutch -- but can add another 150 cc to whoever translate it

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maart 11, 2019 at 13:56

Let's have a Commonplace listing for translation - what do you think, videocommon?

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Federico Bonelli

maart 11, 2019 at 14:32

For the translation you can go on youtube, the video translation feature is open for contribution. You will see the automatic translitteration to Dutch (that is the spoken language) and from there you can follow the instructions to add a proper (non automatic) english, Italian, croatian or .... You can then reclaim with me your compensus in cc and decide to keep it or donate it or well... Thanks a lot as well for your comments!