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About us


Good to see you here!

We are Daniela and Merel and together we initiated the art project Museu da Crise in 2011. With this project we want to put 'the crisis' into a museum to make it a concept of the past. We can talk about that forever, but we will save that for another time ;) If you want to know more about us now, visit

At work at the #commonKiosk in The Hague

Within the Commonfare project we are responsible for the Dutch pilot. We work in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and The Hague en try to involve as many people as we can in these three cities. For instance by organising design workshops to collaboratively shape and improve the design and functionalities of the platform. If you want to collaborate, send an email to

Apart from the workshops, we are also investigating what we call 'good practices'. People and projects that are already existing and that we think are important for Commonfare. We will report on who and what we come across here.

Let's talk! je za, sa i od ljudi.

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