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People for people

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TV coverage of harsh living conditions of Serbian citizens living in the Glina surrounding by journalist Maja Sever was broadcast in September 2018. People, many of them elderly, living at the very edge of the society in single households, in remote areas, without electricity, with little or no income were put into the public spotlight. This heartbreaking coverage moved many viewers who wished to do something about it, and Volunteer Center Zagreb helped organise them. Initiative „People for people“ was established to help the people exposed by the coverage. Volunteers collected food, clothing, hygiene supplies and wood for winter.

Much of the coordination is done via Facebook and regular gathering of supplies is done in front of Booksa club in Zagreb. The supplies are still distributed to people in need, mostly in Glina surrounding (Banija). Initiative „People for people“ now gathers over 10000 supporters on Facebook.

Initiative used other creative methods to promote solidarity such as „jacket for the other“ organised in multiple Croatian cities encouraging people to donate their winter clothing.

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april 09, 2019 at 21:48

People for people -- well done! how did you start? what was the element of your success?

Card my life through a lens 110632


mei 23, 2019 at 12:05

If you check the story from Amsterdam https://commonfare.net/en/stories/rapport-winter-shelter you can see that the issue is widespread through Europe