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New monetary and financial models for new economies

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On March 28 in Barcelona will be held a public presentation of the European project Commonfare by BIN Italy, Italian research partner. The meeting is organized in collaboration with the Novact Association and the Universitat Oberta de Catalunia, and under the patronage of the Municipality of Barcelona. It will be an opportunity to discuss new welfare systems, the basic income instrument and complementary currencies, starting with the example of Rec (Real Economy Currency), the social currency that is being tested in the Catalan city. The Rec is a system of exchange of citizens complementary to the euro, which allows transactions in a community between individuals, institutions and firms that accept it. The meeting will also be attended by the commoner whose story was the most adherent to the call that we launched on commonfare.net a few weeks ago. Let's go Commonfare!. Let's go Commonfare!




Alberg Mare Déu de Montserrat


BARCELONA, 28 March 2019


10.00 Presentation of the Commonfare Project

Andrea Fumagalli

11.15 Cofee Break

1.45 Debate about B-MINCOME project

with the participation of Bru Laín

12.30 Debate about REC, Barcelona’s citizen currency

with the participation of Álvaro Porro, Ester Vidal, Marti Olivella and Susana Martín

Lunch Break

15.00 Workshop “Progressing towards a Sustainable Prosperity Model: Local Politics, Citizen Currencies, Collaborative Commons, Digitalization oriented to Citizens”

Moderator: Oriol Estela (Chair of Local Economic Policy)

Participants: Andrea Fumagalli and Andrea Premarini (Commonfare), Oriol Tusson (Grama Santa Coloma), Lluís Muns (Grama Santa Coloma), Ester Vidal (Director of Cooperative, Social and Solidarity Economy & Consumption Services of the Barcelona City Council), Lluís Torrens (Director of Innovation and Planning Department, Social Rights Area of Barcelona City Council), August Corrons (UOC, Universitat Oberta de Catalunya) Susana Martín (Economist REC), Martí Olivella (Coordinator REC), Lina González (Public Purchase - NOVACT), Juan Manuel Viver (Finance Watch), representatives from XES Procomuns and Dimmons

17.00 Cofee Break

17.30 Presentation ”Change Finance: Consolidating Transformative Economies and Social Innovation"

Diego Isabel La Moneda - NESI Forum Director


17.30 Technical presentation of REC’s API REC Technology Developer

Qui i link al programma

Spanish https://rec.barcelona/es/2019/03/11/jornada-28-marzo/


English https://rec.barcelona/es/2019/03/11/jornada-28-marzo/


Catalan https://rec.barcelona/2019/03/11/jornada-28-de-marc/


Programma barcellona

Commonfare.net is for, with, and by people.

Do you want to join? You will need only an email address, and we will never use it for other purposes.

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maart 21, 2019 at 12:53

Let's go Commonfare!!!