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L’Ambulatorio Medico Popolare (AMP)  (the People's Clinic) is an association recognised by law. It was founded in June 1994 by doctors and volunteers. It is self-managed and self-financed, and it carries out activities in defence of the right to healthcare.

The People's Clinic is based in some spaces of the occupied house in Via dei Transiti 28 in Milan that have been renovated and equipped thanks to a public fundraising campaign. The Association currently pays a monthly rent of €150 (under a rent control regime) to the landlord of the building.

As it is located in a working class and multi-ethnic area, AMP is mainly committed to providing healthcare services for illegal migrants or for those who lack the financial resources to obtain healthcare in traditional healthcare facilities. However, the activities of AMP address different spheres of health policies: the clinic provides free basic healthcare for all with a health centre open two afternoons a week, it provides information and it organises initiatives on the right to healthcare. In recent years, the Italianhealthcare system has undergone many changes resulting in a public service that, in order to make ends meet, responds to management logic rather than to the demand for healthcare services. In this framework, there is no room for prevention policies and the right to health.

Italy has been witnessing a progressive dismantling of public hospitals and local outpatient clinics, a significant reduction in social services delivery, thus leaving the provision of such services to the private sector. Women's counselling centres have been affected by this policy, too. In fact, in AMP there is also a women's counselling centre that provides information about contraception, sexuality, and rights (e.g., information on voluntary interruption of pregnancy).

For more details, you can read the storytelling of Ambulatorio Medico popolare in the book "Generazioni Precarie.  Una conricerca tra percezione del rischio, bisogni emergenti, welfare dal basso”,  that is part of  “Commonfare Book Series

Here the complete report in english

Info and contacts:

Ambulatorio medico popolare, via dei Transiti 28, Milano

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november 03, 2018 at 14:00

This is an highly important initiative! Thanks for sharing.