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Basic Income and Commonfare at BIEN Congress

Some brief notes on the presentation of our project at BIEN Congress in Lisbon, September 22, 2017, as the first dissemination event organized by BIN-Italy. Chairwoman: Lidia Martins
Moreless 30-40 partecipants, very well qualified (as the former ministry of social affair of Japan), exponents of some project on commons good (Canarie Islands). The Commonfare.net project encounters good interest, especially because it poses up-to-date questions about the future of welfare. After the presentation of our project by Maurizio Teli and explanation of "what is Commonfare" by Andrea Fumagalli, Waldir Pimenta (Basic Income Network - Portugal) focusses on digital commons as a good example to implement the need for a different welfare. Gilda Farrel (ex-head of the Social Cohesion, Council of Europe) discusses the risk to develop a welfare model at territorial level, potentially able to increase the already high political fragmentation, especially if an alternative digital money is introduced to finance Commonfare. We agree that it is imprtant to define a medium-long term perspective as first step and only after to see how Commonfare can be experimented at local level That is, actually, one of the purpose of our project: to show that another welfare is possible, with some common characteristics (unconditional basic income, free access to commonds good, financial autonomy). Then, it can be declined in a flexible way according to social and economic context, in order to create a community to satisfy individual needs in a collective way. 

Commonfare.net è per le persone, con le persone e delle persone.

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settembre 30, 2017 at 15:29

Thanks for this report! I would add that the Commonfare project was the only one I have listened to during the Congress in which technologies were something to be acted upon, able to be shaped and redesigned. The other speech dealing with digital technologies I heard were, almost uncritically, embracing the hypothesis of "technological unemployment" as a justification for the basic income (the ghost of Silicon Valley is very visibile!).

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ottobre 01, 2017 at 14:11

Well done!!! This digital space will help collecting and shaping new forces to create an alternative commonfare

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ottobre 17, 2017 at 22:22

This sounds promising