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Today, on the 20th of Decemeber, we celebrate International Human Solidarity Day, and we consider it the right moment to remember only some of the many campaigns of solidarity that were organized this year in Croatia.

Solidarity is when we stand side side by side.

Let's stand by each other!


Campaign: Life for Nora

Protest: Omiš for Noru , 15.12.2018, City of Omiš

"Life for Nora" is a campaign of support for 4-year old Nora, fighting spinal muscular atrophy, in her battle to get access to the life-saving drug Spinraza in Croatia.

To learn more or support Nora, see:


Protest in support of the shipyard workers of Uljanik.

If you would like to support the humanitarian action "Uljanik for a better tomorrow" - which will help the most vulnerable families of Uljanik shipyard, and most of all ,their children, see:


Protest: "Against a justice system that protects violent offenders", Zadar, 19.12.2018

The protest calls for justice for victims of violence against women, including improved protection of victims and stricter punishments for violent offenders.

Ako želite podržati kampanjum, vidite:


Humanitarian action: "People for people" which organizes bi-weekly collection of humanitarian assistance and then distributes to people who are in living in difficult conditions.

To support the humanitarian action, see:


Campaign "Break the Silence" - calling attention to the discrimination and systemic violence women face in accessing sxual and reproductive health services in Croatia.

For more information, see:

foto: Hina

Saša Pavlić walked for days with a cross on his back from Rijeka to Zagreb in an effort to draw attention to the fact that the government must find the funds to ensure access to medicines for all children in Croatia.

Saša arrived in Zagreb on April 15, 2018.


"Students for refugees" is a student organizations dedicated to educating and connecting volunteers with NGOs working with refugees.

For more info, see:*F-R&eid=ARAxXYpavTA-KErAkwqo8OVBeUzw05VloDndtTnnbDRQndrM3bgV7cxhDiIE72FeG4nFeOpky1RWAGY8


Foundation Ana Rukavina organized a Christmas concert "I wish for life" at the main square in Zagreb, 18.12.2018.

Foundation Ana Rukavina was founded with the goal of expanding the Croatian Registry of Volunteer Donors of Blood Stem Cells to help patients with leukemia, lymphoma, and other severe bone marrow conditions increase their chances of finding a matching donor.

For more information, or to support the foundation, see:


For more information, see: is for, with, and by people.

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