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European Commission Offering 32 Blockchain Startups €200.000 Equity-Free Cash for Citizen Data Control Decentralised Solutions

LEDGER is a project funded by the EU and directed to those Commoners who want to offer solutions for decentralised data governance wihtin the Next Generation Internet agenda.

This post is in fact a call for you Commoners, to build a team, offer a solution by applying to the LEDGER first Open Call!

In effect, Commonfare has been framing the ethos of the LEDGER project, as a way to further implement the principles dear to the platform in general and Commoncoin more in particular. The fact that public funding will go to help building software and hardware solutions that put humans at the centre is in alignment with the will to re-appropriate the power of money for the benefit of Commoners in order to facilitate the transition from the extractive policies of the market to an economy of the commons at the service of its participants., a partner in Commonfare is also participating in the LEDGER project. As his co-founder and CTO, Jaromil, stated:

“Selected teams will develop a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) where privacy-by-design, openness and data governance are at the core of their value proposition.”

More in detail, LEDGER is a venture builder programme that empowers developers, researchers and entrepreneurs to achieve human-centric solutions to transform digital governance in Europe. It offers direct grants of up to €200,000 euros each to 32 projects building decentralised solutions where citizens retain control over their data.

Thus, LEDGER is looking for effective ideas that respect data sovereignty and operate in alternative space to the concentration of data in a few proprietary platforms. The EU will invest in this by accelerating these projects into companies with a solid human-centric values business model.

“Our venture builder will provide mentorship, guidance and direct grants of up to 200.000 euros each to 32 projects building decentralised solutions where citizens retain control over their data”, declared Xabier Chao, Project Coordinator of LEDGER and CIO at FundingBox.

Participants will be selected to fit 6 verticals (Health, Finance, Mobility, Public Services, and Energy and Sustainability plus a generic one named ‘Open Disruptive Innovation’).

See here the detailed descritpion of the LEDGER view and the 6 verticals.

“Europe needs to be ahead in research and innovation. The 5 verticals we are focusing on and the technologies that will be implemented are a top priority in that agenda”, confirmed Géraldine Andrieux, CEO of BLUMORPHO.

Besides the €200.000 equity-free cash, participants receive DLT based software support and training, technological and business mentoring, vouchers and other enabling benefits throughout a venture builder programme.

So, if you think you have a good idea to better this world and economic system by implementing the values of commonfare and the Next Generation Internet, think about applying, either this year with the deadline on 30th of April 2019, or next year, when there will be another open call.

The important point, again, is to take back our money and build systems that can replace the ones that promote systemically social and economic inequality in order to make Commonfare and other communities stronger and more united in the quest toward our emancipation from a system that extract our life force. And LEDGER is a way to do that!

So, stop waiting and start building the new decentralised and commons-based systems that will replace the obsolete, centralised and private-oriented ones.

Ledger img is for, with, and by people.

Do you want to join? You will need only an email address, and we will never use it for other purposes.

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March 16, 2019 at 17:18

sounds like a super opportunity!