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Call for Proposals for Organizing Networking Events for

As part of the Horizon 2020 project: "Pie News: Poverty, Income, Employment", we are calling on interested parties to organize "promotional networking events" in their country that will introduce the platform and concept of Commonfare to the citizens of their country.

If you are interested in co-organizing such a networking event in your country, alongside guidance from a Commoner in your region, we would be most grateful for the opportunity to collaborate, and will provide funding. The networking event can take the form of a conference, public forum, concert, art exhibition, or any other creative form that will help us to reach our target communities: precarious workers and the socially and economically excluded.

If you are interested, then we would need a short concept note outlining your proposed event, and the budget for such an event.

In addition to this online platform and its various uses and potential for connecting people from all across Europe, we also want to raise awareness about the rise of precarious work in Europe, and promote the concept of "Commonfare"- which is based on four pillars: an unconditional basic income, managing common/ public goods, promoting alternative and sharing economy, and the use of alternative currencies.

As part of this project, in which the Centre for Peace Studies is a partner alongside 7 other organizations from around Europe, we are in the process of developing this platform that seeks to provide citizens (in particular precarious workers) with an online space where they can find information on social benefits in their country, share their stories in a blog-type space called "Commoners voices", inform and get informed about socially just best practices from around Europe (NGOs, social enterprises, co-ops, citizens initiatives, projects, etc), as well as exchange services, goods, and knowledge through the use of our online currency, the Commoncoin.

If you are interested in discussing the possibility of organizing a Commonfare networking event in your country, or for more information, contact Maja Pleic at or +385 (0)92 3304-360. 

Commonfare mosaic

Commonfare values: We believe that everyone has the right to self-determination, happiness, education, and wellbeing. We believe that people cannot and should not be reduced to their financial or labour force value. We believe that people have the right to live with dignity and autonomy, valued for the ways they enrich the commonwealth of their communities. is a place where you can find out what people across Europe are doing to make this a reality. is a social and political space based on values of solidarity, social justice, trust, mutual exchange, and subjective desires, and therefore rejects any form of oppression and discrimination based on gender, cultural or geographical origin, religion, sexual orientation, income, ableism.

Do you share Commonfare values? Let’s work together to inform, connect and mobilize to make them a reality! Because we have so much in commom! is for, with, and by people.

Do you want to join? You will need only an email address, and we will never use it for other purposes.


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